BULLETIN – Cage Returns (again)

On November 18th, anomalous wig mannequin Nicolas Cage’s first starring feature in over a fortnight will finally burst onto an anxious public.  Justice looks to be a visceral tale of vigilantism and betrayal nicked from graphic novel series 100 Bullets, in which Cage will boldly sport a fully developed beard on-screen for the first time in his career.

From the visionary director of Dante’s Peak, and co-starring actual actor Guy Pearce, this could be the return to form Cage-o-maniacs everywhere have been waiting for.  Or it could be the other thing, where he uses his personal production company to finance films starring himself, creating the illusion of a successful acting career to disguise his inexorable slide into professional ruin.  Either way, do everyone a favour and don’t see it in the cinema – *illegally download it instead!!



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