BULLETIN – Superman goes commando

In breaking news from two months ago, the impending Superman reboot Man of Steel (2013), by visionary director Zack Snyder, will feature an all-new costume excluding the hero’s iconic red pants.  Whether this is an imitation of the comic incarnation’s own recent update or vice versa is open to debate, but it’s certainly one of the film’s many apparent similarities to Batman Begins (2005), which also stripped away its hero’s traditional pair of brightly coloured briefs.

Clearly in modern Hollywood’s gritty version of superheroics there is simply no room for vigilantes wearing eye-catching  underpants over their trousers, while stubbornly refusing to explain themselves to anyone, thank you very much.  Yet, somehow, those little red briefs never seemed quite as awkward as Henry Cavill’s now clearly-visible, bulging codpiece.

"And remember kids, always look before you cross the --- kids?"


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