BULLETIN – Men in Black 3 trailer released

The river of profitable but redundant sequels and remakes flows on with Men in Black 3, continuing a franchise of kid’s films known only to its original fans, who are now well into their twenties.  On the one hand, returning director Barry Sonnenfeld deserves some notice, having followed up his career as a shit-hot cinematographer (Raising Arizona (1987), Misery and Miller’s Crossing (1990)) by directing one or two classic kiddie-action romps, including The Addams Family (1991) and Wild, Wild West (1999), (the latter hotly tipped to receive “culturally significant” status in the United States, selected for preservation in the National Film Registry).

On the other hand the film has been co-scripted by Jeff Nathanson and David Koepp, the two neutered hacks whose other recent “collaboration” with MIB producer Steven Spielberg defiled the memory of a once well-loved franchise.  The possibility of a repeat performance here is not particularly serious, however – after all who, apart from Will Smith’s accountant, really gives a toss about the Men in Black films?


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