BULLETIN – BBC gives nation Rob Schneider for Christmas

Topping our list of prizes-we’d-like-to-give if FlickBook hosted competitions would be Christmas dinner with Rob Schneider. Although then we’d probably be so jealous of the winner that the two of us would kidnap them and steal their identity, one of us having to stand on the other’s shoulders and probably dress in drag for our festive date with Mr Schneider. Hilarity would undoubtedly ensue.

Sadly we can’t offer such competitions (yet), which probably saves us a lawsuit or two. However, do not despair. Picture it; you’ve spent Christmas feasting on booze, dead animals and Doctor Who (2005 – present). It’s past midnight and everybody else has gone to bed, months of build-up once again culminating in this one ephemeral day, but you don’t want the festivities to end. Well then fire up some more mulled wine for at 1.35am BBC1 are showing a classic contribution to the wacky ‘Rob Schneider is…’ sub-genre; The Hot Chick (2002). Maybe they don’t expect anybody to still be awake?

Jessica is the hottest girl in school but, due to a contrived plot device, she’s about to wake up in the body of… Rob Schneider (shrewdly turning the sub-genre on its head)! Joining the ranks of popular body-swap romps Freaky Friday (1976), Freaky Friday (2003) and, um, according to IMDB there was a TV version of Freaky Friday (1995), The Hot Chick has something its counterparts lack; Rob Schneider cross-dressing. And Adam Sandler as a Rasta.

But remember, Rob Schneider isn’t just for Christmas, and if the BBC has already spent next year’s licence fees on Doctor Who and Sherlock (2010 – present) we might just be in for an Easter screening of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999).

By James Taylor


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