BULLETIN – The Avengers and Spider-Man throw their toys at Batman

For the last few months the casual web browser may be forgiven for thinking The Dark Knight Rises (2012) is the only superhero film released in 2012 . Official trailers and images are released on a regular basis, while unofficial videos and photos often provide more amusing insight. Needless to say, whatever the source, all the publicity has fed the constant stream of discussion on every detail from overall plot arcs to Bane’s voice and Catwoman’s shoes.

Iron Man may well have been shaking in his iron boots, with him and his Marvel cohorts seemingly overshadowed by the Batman, until a recent cluster of potential spoilers were revealed by tie-in toys for The Avengers (2012) and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) (follow the links to be spoiled). Now it’s probable that these leaks are a corporate bungle, where the numerous departments dealing with production, marketing and product tie-ins overlooked a few memos. It’s also possible that those involved knew exactly what they were doing, reckoned on the canny nature of today’s bloggers and dropped the clues ready for assembly. It does seem a bit inconvenient that similar leaks have occurred multiple times in such a short space of time. However you look at it, Marvel’s summer blockbusters have got a nice bit of attention, and their product tie-ins some free marketing.


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