BULLETIN – James Cameron can’t wait for Titanic 3D

James Cameron hates films that exploit 3D for greater box office returns. He got all irate last year when somebody used it in a film about blood, boobs and fish that eat blood and boobs. How dare anybody “cheapen the medium” by rehashing an old story with added 3D just to court multiplex audiences?

Perhaps to console himself he jumped into his pool of gold coins. Perhaps to his utter dismay he felt the pool’s gold plated floor underneath dwindling layers of 24 carat coinage. Compelled to both refill his pool and show the world what 3D is all about, this could have been the moment he decided to convert his highest grossing 2D film, Titanic (1997), into 3D and release it on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s departure. Artists of such integrity are rare nowadays. Presumably next time the gold floor is felt he’ll covert some more of his back catalogue into 3D (perhaps Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981)). Or just do that thing where he scavenges some extra footage off his cutting room floor and theatrically releases a “special edition” that definitely isn’t just a load of deleted scenes shoved back in a feature.


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