BULLETIN – Bond grows beard

MGM, having escaped bankruptcy, are back on top with everyone’s favourite government-sanctioned sex-pest/murderer, set to return to our screens in October/November of this year in his 23rd outing (not counting the ones nobody cares about).  The producers of Skyfall here show us Bond with a gun and the beginnings of a beard in Shanghai, continuing the trend of  countering dull, low-res photos leaked from set by releasing dull high-res photos from the rushes.

Precise details of why he is in Shanghai, why he hasn’t shaved, and who he will shoot ‘BANG’ with his gun are still sketchy, but reliable sources speculate that at this point in the film Bond will have “gone rogue,” working to bring down a conspiracy of sinister Europeans without the direct involvement of MI6, but with the help of a beautiful and mysterious woman “who he will fuck at the end of the film”.  Another woman, “the one he fucks halfway through the film,” is expected to have been murdered in an outlandish fashion.

Keep YOUR EYES ONLY on https://twitter.com/#!/007 for more official info, or you may DIE ANOTHER DAY, and DR (will) NO be able to save you, lol!!!


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