BULLETIN – New Battleship trailer addresses fan concerns

Successful adaptations often offer a fresh perspective on their source material. In this tradition, Battleship (2012) is set to reveal that when you quoted grid coordinates to your siblings on those long train journeys of your youth in attempts to destroy their battleship, or at least strike a direct hit to a submarine, you were actually fending off an alien invasion. Damn those pesky extraterrestrials for cunningly disguising themselves as a navel fleet!

While showing us plenty more of these suspiciously Transformer-like aliens – “from Hasbro the company that brought you Transformers” – a new trailer has assured fans that, apart from this intergalactic revelation, the board game’s widely admired narrative simplicity has been left intact. This quells fears, triggered by early trailers featuring more dialogue than explosions, that weak attempts at character development or emotional engagement would obstruct the central narrative drive of two opposing forces repeatedly exchanging shots. Meanwhile, similar concerns that Rihanna’s attempts to launch an acting career may divert attention from the barrage of explosions have been laid to rest by the fact that her last line in the trailer is, reassuringly, “boom”. As long as a character also utters “you sunk my battleship”, a new bar could be set for board game to film adaptations.


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