BULLETIN: Hammer legacy continues with The Woman in Black sequel

The Woman in Black (2012) asserted that the recently revived Hammer could deliver solid gothic chills comparable to its original incarnation’s best output. And now, pretty much however the recently announced sequel, The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, turns out, Hammer scholars should be able to situate it comfortably in the studio’s colourful oeuvre.

Fingers crossed it’ll be an unexpectedly brilliant new chapter to an established literary property, à la Frankenstein Created Woman (1967), and not a new The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974). Reportedly Christopher Lee took one look at the Golden Vampires script and politely burned it, so if they want Daniel Radcliffe to return it’d be best to avoid giving those angels of death samurai swords. Or maybe Hammer want to skip straight to lesbian vampire territory – death’s angels may not be as conservative as that sensibly clothed woman in black. Randy Radcliffe could even be tempted back if there’s an opportunity to get his kit off.

Naked Harry Potter aside, here’s hoping the resurrected Hammer can maintain its quality output for even half as long as its former self did. What with David Cameron buggering up everything in sight, us Brits need something to be happy about.


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