BULLETIN – Gervais saves the spastics


Sufferers of Down Syndrome, or any other chronic neurological condition that makes mongs look and sound hilarious, have found their place in society “immeasurably improved” mere hours after the debut of Derek on Channel 4, say representatives.

The show has been hailed as offering mongs their first compassionate representation in popular culture ever, containing numerous scenes in which other characters tell the spastic mong how kind and intelligent and brave he is, in between the scenes where he plops his fat arse into a bowl of custard, or trips into a pond for no reason like a mong.

The groundbreaking lead role is played by up-and-coming Hollywood writer/director Ricky Gervais, who gives a frighteningly accurate physical portrayal of how genetic conditions can make mongs mumble through their teeth, and hobble around all bent over.  The fact that the BBC obviously rejected the show, leaving Channel 4 to wipe it up, is in no way a judgment on its content or the inexplicably low viewing figures of his previous masterpiece Dwarf Fall Down (2011).

The creator/writer/star is well-known for his superhuman bravery in the face of torrential criticism from humourless reviewers, viewers, and human rights activists.  This is exemplified by interviews in which he humbly denies that the character is even intended to represent a spastic mental mong, insisting that anyone who thinks otherwise “is probably a spastic themselves, you boss-eyed cunt”.

At a time when charities are warning of a rising tide of public abuse targeted at people with disabilities of all forms, it is comforting to know that one of the leading artistic lights of British culture has dedicated his creative powers to their defence – even the ones that are really, well and truly monged.

Please watch the first episode in full here, and do your bit for the spastics


One response to “BULLETIN – Gervais saves the spastics

  1. Interesting points raised here. It’s interesting to read first-hand Gervais comments on the issues raised in “Derek”, so thanks for sharing your research and knowledge on the subject. -shameless plug- but I wrote a review of the show myself, not too dissimilar to this post – sheds a little more light on Derek being disabled or “a mong” – it’s over at http://wp.me/pYasD-9L – might be of interest if anyone wishes to do a little further reading. Thanks and great post. Great blog in its entirity, in fact.

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