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This BAFTA’s not for Turner(ing), Mr Leigh!

Perhaps the only thing more dull than sitting through Mike Leigh’s snoretacular borefest Mr Turner has been reading the shrill, dreary outpouring of rage from so-called “film critics” and “filmmakers” and “members of the viewing public” about its so-called “snub” in this year’s BAFTA nominations. The truth is that, as many better-informed observers have noted, Leigh’s film is boring and too long and shit – and BAFTA, as usual, have hit all possible proverbial nails on their heads.

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Oscar & BAFTA Front-runners – We Already Know the Ending

Have you noticed how simple it is to explain the films tipped for Oscar and BAFTA glory this year? Your description will probably start ‘you know King George VI’, ‘you know that guy who invented Facebook’ or ‘you know that guy who cut his own arm off’. The fact most people already know about the real events these films are based on doesn’t detract from the pleasure of watching them. It can, however, enhance their potential for winning awards since knowing where a film is going means an audience can focus on how it gets there, increasing their awareness of cinematography, editing, acting, etc. Continue reading