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‘Gotham’ (2014) review – Harvey Dent

Flipping his double-headed coin, he demands that the kid call it – which, of course, defeats the entire purpose of a double-headed coin by restoring the element of random chance. Where this gets truly, classically “Gotham” is that, although it’s clear the writers realised their mistake, for some reason they decided to leave it in. Instead of simply rewriting the scene, some bright spark inserted a line where Dent reassures us that “they nearly always choose heads” – which, apart from being factually incorrect, leaves us with the bizarre implication that every once in a while Harvey Dent sends some poor kid to prison because they said “tails”.

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Bradshaw Watch Classic – ‘Memento’ (2000), ‘Insomnia’ (2002), ‘Batman Begins’ (2005)

Staff photo, ©The Guardian

There are several reasons why we at Flickbook have made a regular feature out of attacking the film criticism of Peter Bradshaw. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and I’m really proud of that photo-shopped staff photo of his face. Sadly, the main reason is that it’s also entirely, unavoidably justified. His reviews currently being published in The Guardian are so utterly devoid of insight or effort that it would be a dereliction of duty not to sarcastically categorise their faults on a semi-regular basis.

I say “currently” because the other day I happened to read a review he wrote back in 2001, and was horrified to discover that it was actually “a review”. Could it be that Peter Bradshaw really was once a coherent, witty, insightful critic? Has his rise to eminence amongst British reviewers merely stunted a genuine talent? In the interests of scientific discovery, from here on every Bradshaw review we pick apart will be balanced by a sincere look at one of his “Bradshaw Classic” pieces. Hopefully, somewhere, we can determine where it all went so horribly wrong.

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New Batman game – definitely not for kids

Ahead of their next and final Batman game, Rocksteady have shown us their new Batmobile in action! It’s sleek, it’s fast and – as Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims has pointed out – it’s absolutely bristling with lethal weapons, which begs the question of exactly whose Batman we’re talking about here. Hilariously, the trailer begins with a stern warning that the clip “MAY CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN”, which could pretty much serve as a motto for the modern-day superhero industry as a whole.

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Doubletake: Darkman vs. Batman Begins

The first in our series of suggestively exact-ish scene parallels.

“Because It Matters, Damn It”®

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer or, The Only Good Reason to See ‘Harry Potter VIII’

So, this happened:

Really more of an extended teaser, featuring only some 32 seconds of footage from the upcoming film crudely pieced together with clips from the first two – on first viewing you might suspect it’s a fan-made forgery.  Yet, somehow, I can’t pretend not to be as shamefully excited as the rest of the cretins out there.

OMG, I say – for it is the new Batman movie.

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