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This BAFTA’s not for Turner(ing), Mr Leigh!

Perhaps the only thing more dull than sitting through Mike Leigh’s snoretacular borefest Mr Turner has been reading the shrill, dreary outpouring of rage from so-called “film critics” and “filmmakers” and “members of the viewing public” about its so-called “snub” in this year’s BAFTA nominations. The truth is that, as many better-informed observers have noted, Leigh’s film is boring and too long and shit – and BAFTA, as usual, have hit all possible proverbial nails on their heads.

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Second take: the costume design of Lindy Hemming

It’s a strange thing about film being such a collaborative medium; there are as many different ways to watch a film as there were people who played a role in making it. When ITV screened Dancing Queen the other week, they did so because it starred the sadly departed Rik Mayall – it was part of a series originally meant to showcase the man himself, following the enormous popularity of Bottom. In fact it’s a pretty awful showcase for Mayall himself, who is cast in the role of a more-or-less ordinary human man – as opposed to the manic, perverse, vicious, cowardly, but somehow sympathetic creatures he played so brilliantly in his best-loved work.

What Dancing Queen does showcase well are a few oddly striking costumes worn by Helena Bonham Carter. She plays the “Julia Roberts” role in a half-hearted attempt to re-tread Pretty Woman, with a streak of Withnail & I carnage, in the form of a rather cobbled-together 90’s TV movie. Her character’s wardrobe stands out though, seeming to give her more of a personality than anything in the script. A quick look on IMDB revealed the reason, and the true star of the show – renowned costume designer Lindy Hemming.

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